How does weight loss patches work?

Weight loss patches are fairly self-explanatory: do exactly what they say they do; that is, they help people lose weight.

weight loss patchHowever, it is worth noting that different weight loss patches will have different effects on the body and as such, rely upon different methods to achieve the same goal.

This is an important issue to be aware of, certain methods of weight loss may pose health risks to certain groups and types of people (for example, people who suffer from heart conditions).

Although the precise mechanics involved with weight loss patches will differ, there are some commonalities which are universally applicable to them; namely, that they all work by relying upon transdermal delivery.

What this means in practical terms is that when the patch is placed on the body, the ingredients within the patch will then be absorbed through the skin and enter into the bloodstream.

The working mechanism of weight loss patches

Some weight loss patches work by accelerating the Base Metabolic Rate (BMR) of the body of the dieter. The BMR is the physiological process that the body relies upon to burn calories that we consume in the food that we eat during the course of the day.

How to use slimming patchPut simply, the higher and more efficient the metabolism of the body, the more calories that will be burned off in any given timeframe.

Whenever the number of calories we consume exceeds the amount of calories that is burned by the metabolism, the surplus calories are then converted into fat or adipose tissue and then stored around the body.

A common concern that dieters have about weight loss patches is that maybe readily recognisable. Thankfully, the manufacturers of weight loss patches have taken active steps to ensure that they resemble ordinary patches, such as nicotine patches, meaning that you need not worry about your privacy being broken.

Another way in which some weight loss patches work is by actively reducing/suppressing the appetite impulses that the dieter experiences during the course of the day.

One of the most common causes of excess weight gain is over-eating and so the controlling of the appetite of the dieter is by far, one of the most immediately effective ways of controlling the damage caused by eating binges.

Other weight loss patches seek to inhibit the rate at which fat is absorbed within the body. By doing this, this means that the body will have less surplus fat to use as an energy source. This in turn means that the body will be required to cannibalise existing fat deposits to provide the energy boost.

Other variants on this basic formula include the reduction of absorption rate of carbohydrates in the body.

Are weight loss patches safe to use?

The question “are weight loss patches safe to use?” has proven itself to be a most contentious and controversial topic within our modern society, with opinion fiercely divided as to what the proper answer maybe.

weight loss patchesSupporters of weight loss patches argue that they represent a convenient, cost-effective and discreet means by which people can receive a much needed boost to their weight loss efforts.

This in turn they argue has the potential for healthier, more self-confident and happier people.

Proponents of weight loss patches are also quick to point out that weight loss patches must always be used under the careful supervision of a physician and as part of a healthy, well-balanced and nutritious diet. As such, to place all faith in weight loss patches is misleading, incorrect and totally redundant.

Concerns of weight loss patches

However, there have been concerns pertaining to the relative safety of these products. One issue that has been cited is that there is a danger that people may become too psychologically and emotionally dependent upon the weight loss patches; regarding them as little more than a one stop quick fix solution to weight control problems.

Another secondary issue arising from this particular problem is the risk that the dieter may have such a distorted view on the weight loss process that they neglect to follow common wisdom concerning nutrition and eating.

There have also been concerns voiced as to the potential health implications associated with the weight loss patches. Weight loss patches work by transdermal delivery of the payload contained within the patch itself; meaning that the content of the patch is delivered directly to the bloodstream.

However, this poses particular problems for women who are currently pregnant. The reason for this is that the content of the blood of the mother will be passed onto the foetus leading to the possibility of the risk of birth defects and deformity due to an inhibition of the growth process.

On a more general note, there have also been worries that the so called “natural” plant ingredients may directly interfere with medication prescribed for people who happen to suffer from chronic conditions.

Unfortunately, whenever people hear of “natural” and “organic” supplements they automatically assume (somewhat erroneously) that such items are totally safe. However, there is insufficient medical evidence to approve or disapprove such a belief, meaning that for the time being, we must err on the side of caution.

Ultimately, there is no settlement of the debate as to whether weight loss patches are indeed safe to use at this current period in time. All that can be realistically noted is that if you are in any doubt concerning the usage of the weight loss patches, consult with your doctor.